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Gabby and Tiff.

Spring Break!

Hey all! HAPPY DECISION LETTER DAY!!! I’m wishing the best for all of you. I’m writing you right now from San Jose, California, where I’m hanging out with my friends Tiffany and Gabby in...


Spring Break is HEREEEE!!!

Heloooo, Spring Break! I have been waiting for you <3 Finals have finally ended and now I can relax with my family:) They have the same break as I do this year so they...


All Over The Place

  Have you all heard of Yik Yak? Here’s an interesting article about it! (Regardless of what your answer was to that question.) http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/09/technology/popular-yik-yak-app-confers-anonymity-and-delivers-abuse.html?_r=0 I thought this Yak was especially nice so I saved it:...