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Screenshot of the 1st WAAD Griot newsletter designed by Victoria Alabi (WC '09) featuring yours truly :)

The W Network

No, I am not writing about a Canadian television channel for women in today’s post. In this case, the term W Network refers to the directory of Wellesley College graduates (alumnae or alums) who...

Good Times

Good Times

I’ll start this post by congratulating those of you who applied to Wellesley under the Early Evaluation decision plan. Whether you were given a likely, possible or unlikely decision earlier this week, I admire...

Secretary Albright and Wellesley College President Bottomly with the Iran Focus Group; Maggie, Dhivya, Nuha, Emma and moi


If you’ve been reading my posts since I started blogging, you’re probably aware that Big Sisters-Little Sisters is my favorite Wellesley tradition. I’d like to share with you anecdotes to explain why that is...