Much Needed Weekend…

I don't know what it is about being a Wellesley woman that makes you overbook yourself. BUT I am SO POOPED this week. 3 papers and 1 exam. I barely slept. Caffeine is a LIFESAVER… but I think I've ODed… jebus christ. 

What I need is a nice relaxing weekend so I can catch up on my sleep. People are different (well obviously you say) and they all have different sleep patterns. My suitemate has to have AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep to function. I am not that kind of person. I can function with about 3 hours of sleep a night. This is exactly how I have been living for the last week of my life and now it has caught up with me :( BOO DISLIKE. anyways. Fridays I only have one class and therefore I get to sleep in… after my interview for a teaching firm. Looking for a job is WORK! Oy vey. 

I'm a teaching education minor so I am all about teaching. I know it's super dorky but that's what I love. I tutor/teach at Framingham HS for SAT and College Prep. I haven't been as dedicated as I usually would be this week because of all my other school related midterms. BUT I love having the troublemakers. I know that sounds SO weird and absolutely insane but they're just more fun to work with. They give me trouble, I give them trouble; we all have a good time. I joke around with them, they make fun of me, I laugh because it's usually semi-true, and then I turn the joke on them. Seriously these kids keep me on my toes. I also help them with college prep and man… its been so long since I wrote a college personal statement and have taken the SATs. When these kids complain to me about it I tell them that I applied to 17 schools. yup… 17. My college guidance counsellor told me that I couldn't even get into my backup schools so… I freaked and applied EVERYWHERE. I know… it was stupid and insane but I didn't know any better. If you're wondering where I applied, just ask. I can probably name them in alphabetical order. 

Also I just recently watched Waiting for Superman which is a documentary on lotteries for high performing charter schools. BUT OPRAH RECOMMENDS IT SO.. whatever, it's cool. I know what kind of nerd pays for a documentary movie. But that's how I am. I watched it and cried. I get so attached to kids. BUT THEN AGAIN… I cry in Disney movies. Maybe I'm just sensitive when it comes to movies. I don't cry otherwise… it's weird. 


Can i just plug in here that MICHELLE RHEE WHO IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and is the chancellor of schools in Washington DC and had some dang good ideas to improve DC's public schools is RESIGNING BECAUSE OF TEACHER UNIONS (well, she doesn't specifically say that, but thats my PERSONAL opinion, you don't have to agree with me). Drives me berserk. She could have REALLY done something and made DC's public school system amazing. But because she's so controversial she has to RESIGN. what a load of bull. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR DISLIKE. 


I need to relax this weekend. HAVE FUN. SLEEP. eat… (even though all I eat is baked goods on this campus because they're just DELICIOUS, senior 20 here i COME), exercise, be a decent girlfriend and skype the long distance bf, be a good friend and see some friends faces by celebrating my friends 21st birthday, whaddup 21! anddddddd sleep some more. hahahaha



anyways… that's all for today folks!


<3 always,