To a Year of Lasts: Wellesley Traditions

ME IN A NUTSHELL: I'm Christine, a senior at Wellesley College. I'm from sunny Chatsworth, CA (an hour north of LA). Here at Swells (Wellesley), I am a Political Science Major, Education Minor. I am also extremely involved in Residential Life; I am an HP (House President) and a former RA. I was born in Seoul, South Korea. I went abroad there last Fall. Anything else you are curious about, comment and ask. I'll get back to you. Promise. 

Golden Class of 2011. Jeeze… It feels like YESTERDAY when I was a lowly first-year moving in on an abnormally humid August day and NOW I am on the way to be graduating in May. Can we HOLD IT for a second? I AM A SENIOR; this means that this year will be the LAST year of Wellesley and its traditions. 

Wellesley Traditions. There are so many of them and only SOME of which I will tell you about. The others are to remain a secret. One of my favorite Wellesley traditions is Flower Sunday. Every Wellesley first year gets a Wellesley Big Sister. I’ve been a big sister twice; once my sophomore year and now my senior year. Wellesley Bigs give their Little's a Flower, hence the name Flower Sunday. After a quick bagel brunch, we all go down to the chapel and enjoy a not-so-typical Sunday service. Don’t worry, its not particular to one religion, I like to describe it as a harmonious gathering of diverse Wellesley women. But what makes this year so different, is that it will be my last. Sad I know… But it only encourages me to be a BETTER big sister this time around. I have two lovely little sisters, one is my downstairs neighbor, one is my next door neighbor. I think they’re just the cutest. Last weekend, we all went out for dinner together in Harvard Square. I hope to make sister dinners a regular occurrence. Here’s a picture. 

No they're not all my sisters. Three of them are my suite-mate and her sisters. Me and one of my little sisters are on the right. 

Flower sunday rshacht ahan

You also might hear a lot about the two that are in this picture. Annelise Han and Rebecca Schachter. They're two good friends of mine who like me, are House Presidents. We all lived in Dower my first year and we've been friends since. I can't believe we've made it this far. Who knew we'd make it to senior year. 

Another tradition I am even more fond of now that I am a senior is Convocation. Convocation is a ceremony where seniors wear their gowns and are welcomed to the new school year by the College Government President, Wellesley's President, and other important people. It kick-starts the year on a good note. It’s funny because the first time I went to convocation, I was a first year and 3 years later… I am the one wearing the gown.


These are just SOME of the friends I still keep in touch with after living together in Dower our first year. Actually to be honest, we're all quite really close. We have dinner all the time and we hang out constantly. I know that even when we leave Wellesley, we'll keep in touch. Dower is just such a great community. You'll make friends there that you will have for the rest of your life. Anyways… back to traditions. 

There are a whole LOAD of traditions that are spread out throughout the year; there's the junior show, lake day, hoop rolling, and step singing. All of which I have taken part in and this year it will be my last. :(  

There is just TOO much to do in TOO LITTLE TIME. 


Moral of this blog: TIME GOES BY TOO FAST

Just kidding on the moral part. But on a more serious note. Time really does… go by too fast. College sometimes seems like a blur. 

OH and just for kicks. Here's a picture of us… "Seniors" back in first year. :] 

First yr remix

(I'm the 2nd to the right; I'll let you guess who's who) I don't think I have changed all that much physically… but I'll leave that up to you to decide. 

That's it for today folks. Thanks for reading! 

<3 always, 

Christine H. Lee