Whimsical adventures of my weird friends (a post on trading posts)

Trading Post Logo small

Midterms have crept upon us in Wellesleyland and mono has crept upon the frisbee team. I myself am not playing because I’m nursing a back spasm and the health center was full of WHIPTAiLZ this morning.

We have finalized our spring break plans and will be heading to the tournament Virginia is for Layouts in Axton, VA. Since I live in NJ the team will be able to swing by my house and stay for a giant sleepover.

In other news, some friends from the Mungus (our affectionate diminutive for the dorm I live in) have begun a non-profit business venture on the second floor of Munger. Begun with what Wellesley calls a “free bin” with a an illegible sign identifying it as such, the Mungus Trading Post Co. has bloomed into a large box and decorated sign where residents can add and take items as they please. It’s helped our friend Rachel Doyle clear out her dressers and helped me fill mine with new athletic clothing. The other joy of the Trading Post is that it subtly promotes sustainability and community building.

All of the dorms have their own quirks. I’m a quad kid for life (although the Mungus is technically the “quint”). The Tower complex has the tunnels, Lake House has no RA’s, Pomeroy has the Kosher vegetarian dining hall and now the Mungus has a trading post.

The founders of the Post have considered implementing an export tax on members of the community who aren’t from the Mungus, but considering the hippie, feel good intentions of the Post, that idea was vetoed. We do plan to expand our business venture into other dorms, mostly to see what happens.

If we are successful, I might be able to put founder of a non-profit on my resume.

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