A Short X-mas Break, then Wintersession at Wellesley

Eating dinner with my friend Johanna (She took Italian during Wintersession)
Eating dinner with my friend Johanna (She took Italian during Wintersession)

My holiday break was just 2 weeks and then bam! I arrive back to Wellesley for intense Wintersession Russian 101. It was nice to be home and to play with my little brother who is only 2 years old and barely remembers me since I’m always away at Wellesley. I also loved how I had TWO posole dinners since I celebrate two Christmas’ (one with each of my parents).
But Wintersession was a whirlwind with all of the things I was busy with- first of all, Wintersession courses pack a semester worth of information into just 3 weeks, which means that I had to learn a semester worth of Russian 101 content in just 3 weeks! This is not for the cowardly, but it is a good option for those of you who like to get ahead and perhaps graduate early. In addition to the 5 days a week, 9am-2pm Russian classes I was attending, I worked 2 days a week at Slater International Center and volunteered 1 day a week at Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) in Cambridge. A great thing about Federal Work Study is that students can get paid for the volunteer time they put in by the CWS at Wellesley. Just ask them (or me!) if you have any questions.

An event at CCTV (before I started interning there)

In addition to this, I was cooking my own meals. This was greaaaat because my Aunt Melissa had just given me a wonderful xmas gift of my own 1st recipes which I took advantage of. Rice is an amazingly cheap and tasty option for anyone looking to live off campus while attending Wellesley (probably pretty obvious to you already) and it goes so well with everything. I’d say I only had time for one fun event during Wintersession, and that was my friend Kara’s birthday celebration at Finale’s for dessert and Hong Kong in Cambridge for some dancing! Here are some pictures from meal times with friends (we collaborated a lot when we cooked) and a winter photo I took:

Eating dinner with my friend Johanna (She took Italian during Wintersession)

Lake Waban, just before sunset

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