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All of us thanked Jda's mom! (I'm top row, 2nd to the right).
All of us thanked Jda's mom! (I'm top row, 2nd to the right).

Phew! It’s good to get back to you all about a pretty fun week on campus! This past weekend was family and friends weekend so I got to meet my friend Jda’s mom and she even cooked us a tasty Jamaican dinner! Gathering together with a home cooked meal was so nice, and here’s a picture of the Chicken Foot Soup I tried for the first time!:

Chicken Foot Soup

Spicy Chicken Foot Soup

All of us thanked Jda’s mom! (I’m top row, 2nd to the right).

The next day I returned the favor by acting as her model for a photography class project. It was really fun to dance and let go while she snapped away- I just hope her vision was satisfied by the poses I did! It’s so wonderful to have friends involved in the arts when I don’t have time to commit to an art course myself. Every now and then I visit the Jewett art gallery where student work is displayed and am amazed at what some of my classmates have created. Watch this video about an amazing piece from the “Construct/Deconstruct” exhibition from Fall 2010:
\”Construct/Deconstruct\” exhibition at Jewett Art Gallery
Speaking of artists, the next day there was a performance piece, “La Sad Girl”, by comedian Adelina Anthony, a Xicana writer whom I had the pleasure to read in my Women and Popular Culture course with Professor IrĂ©ne Mata. “La Sad Girl” was not only hilarious but touched on issues of homophobia, anti-immigration and higher education.

Adelina Anthony. Her character, “La Sad Girl” is in the center.

And believe it or not, the NEXT day I had the privilege to meet and converse with poet Michal Held, about Spanish-Judeo culture and the preserving of the Ladino language that particularly interests me because of its mix of Spanish with Hebrew and Turkish. My concentration for my Comp Lit major (which I am hurriedly confirming this week!) is Spanish literature, and after Wellesley I hope to get a Critical Language Scholarship to study Turkish intensely.

Poet Michal Held

It is truly amazing how many artists Wellesley produces and brings to campus to share their work with us!!!!

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