Are you coming for Spring Open Campus?

Marcia at the Scream Tunnel, Marathon Monday 2012
Marcia at the Scream Tunnel, Marathon Monday 2012


Spring Open Campus (SOC) events kick off on Sunday, April 22 with Diversity Day and continue until Tuesday, April 24. We are excited and look forward to meeting you. More importantly, we hope that your time on campus will help you determine if you should join us at Wellesley College. To assist you with this decision, the Admissions Office prepared activities that will allow you to:

-meet current students who will tell you all about the real Wellesley experience

-attend classes

-have a college student experience for 48 hours and sleep in a college dorm for a night

-discover and take pictures of our beautiful campus

-find out about the benefits of a Wellesley College education (inquire about the opportunities you can enjoy at Wellesley and after you graduate)

-pick up all kinds of Wellesley paraphernalia

-possibly meet your future roommate!

Please find here more information about SOC. Please find here a tentative schedule of events. Please find here information about directions and transportation to Wellesley.

Apart from SOC event-planning, the campus was busy earlier this week because of the Boston Marathon. The Wellesley “Scream Tunnel” is famous and a favorite of marathon runners. Classes were cancelled on Monday, students danced to live music performed by Apache Relay or jumped in the bouncing castle during a school-wide barbecue on Munger Meadow. There was also a TZE barbecue going on at the little brick house on Tupelo Lane and we invited students from Delta Upsilon (MIT) to join us. We whipped out our fanciest sunglasses and summer dresses, munched on burgers and hot dogs, played badminton in the sun and jumped in the Lake – can I say summertime flow?

Marcia at the Scream Tunnel, Marathon Monday 2012

With Pamela and Mariet at Tupelo Point (TZE bbq)

Roomie picture! (with Pamela at Tupelo Point)













With Pamela, Josie-Dee, Charmaine, Katie (TZE alum, WC Class of 2011) and Marcia at Tupelo Point













I hope you’ll be able to join us for SOC because it will be so much fun and a huge success!

Lori xx

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