Hello! Salut!

This was me, Lori!
This was me, Lori!

Hi everyone!

My name’s Loriade (pronounced “loh-ree-ah-day”) and I’m another blogger. This is my first blog ever and I am so excited to share this experience with you! Before I start, however, I’d like to introduce myself to you:

-Whoever came up with the term “Third Culture Kid” was obviously thinking of people like me: I was born in Maryland to a Nigerian father and a Cameroonian mother. I was raised in Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Tunisia and France, attended boarding school in Wales at the United World College of the Atlantic and my parents currently live in Ghana and Nigeria. I’m sure you’re wondering “WOW! So where’s home?” Well I don’t know! LOL I tell people that I’m Nigerian because that’s where my father comes from but I also love to explain my story to anyone who’s willing to let me talk for a good 10 minutes.

-I’m the oldest of three girls and my cousin Alexia was raised with us so I’m definitely used to being in an environment where women are the majority! I think that’s why I thought that Wellesley would be a good fit for me… That and the fact that regardless the number of men in their midst, women should always have the final say because we know how to get things done well and efficiently!

-I love watching and playing soccer, dancing, watching Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy (great stress-relief activities LOL) and spending time with family and friends. I like listening to others talk about their origins, culture and what makes them who they are. Oh and unlike many teenagers (are you one of them?) I actually love babysitting and taking care of infants. Aren’t they so cute when they’re small, chubby and struggling to say things that we can’t even understand??

-Like Charlene Lee, I’m in the royal purple class (2014!) at Wellesley. I love my class color because it’s one of my three favorite colors (not surprisingly, the others are red and blue). I’m a bit obsessed with purple because I have purple shirts, skirts, sunglasses, a scarf, a bag and shoes. But then, the name ‘Oloriade’ basically means “princess” in Yoruba, a Nigerian dialect. It therefore makes sense that I love the color royal purple, right?

-I intend to major in Psychology and French Cultural Studies here at Wellesley. I actually made this decision over the summer after hesitating between Neuroscience, Economics, Biology and Anthropology for 2 semesters. I decided on Psych with a focus on developmental psychology (surprised?) because I hope to get a Masters in Public Health after Wellesley and I’m sure that my study of psychology and human behavior will give me a good foundation to build upon in graduate school. I decided to study French because I’m really interested in the culture and hope to study abroad in France next year. Oh and it obviously doesn’t hurt that many upperclasswomen told me that the professors in the French and Psych departments are amazing! Hehe ;)

-I participate in several activities here at Wellesley: I’m an assistant editor of the French department newsletter, a Social Events chair and First Year Coordinator (= a sort of mentor) of the Wellesley African Students Association, a member of Ethos and I’ll probably join other organizations once I finalize my weekly schedule this weekend.

-I decided to be a blogger because it wasn’t long ago when I was a prospective student myself. I know that it’s a daunting experience because there are so many amazing colleges out there and Wellesley is one of the best and most selective. I hope that you will read Dani’s, Charlene’s, Monica’s, Jacqueline’s and my blog to help you decide if Wellesley’s the right place for you. I certainly hope it is and I hope to meet some of you on campus in the future!

OK, this was a super long first post so I’ll stop here but look out for my future posts! Until next time…

This was me, Lori! xoxo

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