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Other view from my room in McAfee Hall
Other view from my room in McAfee Hall

So October’s almost over… and I have mixed feelings about this… My birthday came and went, the leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder (sorry, international students, it only gets worse from now until about late April) and for some, the midterm period is still going on. For others, it seems to be over but as several college students will tell you: midterm exams will continue to show up on your homework diaries until final exams replace them. The word midterm is one that all students dread when, truthfully, it’s just a test. I mean, it’s a test that represents a large portion of a student’s grade in a given class but it’s just a test. It’s not what will determine whether I get into the program of my choice at a prestigious graduate school… right? Haha since that I wrote to you last week about the SAT, I’ll take my own advice and will try to forget about the importance of midterms so as to minimize my stress and anxiety when I study for them.

View from my room in McAfee Hall

Now with thoughts of midterms and studying for exams comes thoughts about the next break. Luckily, we have a classes-free day on Tuesday Nov 1 with the Tanner. Tanner is an annual conference that was created over 10 years ago as an opportunity for students to share all the interesting things they did over spring break, Wintersession (a 3-week period in January before the start of spring semester classes) or during the summer. Students generally talk about work experience that helped them apply what they learnt during the regular school terms to “life in the outside world.” There is a program similar to Tanner in the spring called Ruhlman. I must admit that I usually miss the morning ruhlmans and tanners (Wellesley slang for the student presentations at Tanner & Ruhlman) because I sleep in *embarassed face* but I’ll do my best to attend some this year.

Other picture of the view from my room in McAfee Hall

Now, now prospective students, I heard from the grapevine that Nov 1 is the deadline for Early Decision applications. Since I also work in the admissions office, I’ve heard people talk about and have noticed that applicants’ documents started coming in. I don’t know much about the ED application process because I was still undecided about my college choices at this point two years ago, but I can imagine that you must be totally in love with Wellesley if you are considering or have applied ED but are also anxious to find out if you will indeed be a member of the Red Class of 2016 (don’t worry if this doesn’t mean much to you right now- I’ll soon post about class colors:)) So, first, I’d like to congratulate you for getting all your things (SATs, essays, a good transcript etc..) done on time. It probably wasn’t easy and best believe that you’re a SuperWoman and fit that criteria of my definition of the typical and ideal Wellesley Woman (aka Wendy Wellesley). Second, I’d like to wish you all the best. The fact that you are certain that you will attend Wellesley if you are admitted proves that you are dedicated to what Wellesley stands for and think that you will benefit from a Wellesley College education. I hope that those thoughts/beliefs appear somewhere in your application and that the Board of Admission will see them and admit you to this incredible institution that is Wellesley College.

**For students who are not applying ED or have not yet decided if they will apply to Wellesley: continue reading the blogs, check out www.wellesley.edu regularly, check out the admission Facebook page, come to visit the campus, schedule a tour, get in touch with alumna or current students in your hometown, ask your guidance counselor about any Wellesley alumna that are also graduates of your high school, find out about other schools and compare them to Wellesley. What I’m basically trying to say is that you should do everything that you need to do to learn more about Wellesley before you decide that it is the right place for you and then prepare an amazing application so that I can meet you on campus next fall! ;) :)

Reminder about our other deadlines: January 1 for Early Evaluation (I advise you to do this if you have everything ready by that date- I did that and had my decision in February!) and January 15 for Regular Decision.

Alright so this was me, Lori! Have a nice week! x

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