Hi, everybody!

Since this is my first blog entry, I guess I should say a little bit about myself. :) Asha

So, a couple things to know about me—I love my home, Georgia. I didn't realize how much of a Southern girl I really am until I left, but the sweet tea, accent, southern hospitality…and fried chicken,  and year-round warm weather..well, I miss it. Add on missing my best friends, and my three younger siblings, and the homesickness is easily explained.
But I learned my first year that Wellesley has something else for me. It feeds me–my ambition, my curiosity, my soul. I’m constantly amazed at this place, at the sort of things it can bring out in you. Wellesley brings out your worst, but it also brings out your very best–and for me, the pros outweigh the cons.

Today, I finished applying for summer grants!! I'm working this summer with The Food Project and hopefully, Alternatives for Community Empowerment. I'm a Peace and Justice Studies major, and my area of concentration is Urban Development and Sustainability. I'm particularly interested in environmental justice work–it's so important. So anyway, applying for grants was kind of stressful, but that's mainly because I wait until the last minute to do everything. :P

I'll be working at Cafe Hoop tonight, one of our campus co-operatives (and the only late-night food option, woot woot!!). Check out my dessert sandwich! 
It's Brie cheese, sliced apples, honey, and crushed almonds, all on a toasted croissant:  Hoop--Dessert sandwich
Basically, we make all of our decisions together, and split our collective 
profits. I really love Cafe Hoop, we're our own family. :)

I'm so excited about Spring Break!! Okay, so it's 2 weeks away, haha. But I'm still PUMPED. The weather'll be so warm back home, it's already in the 70's again there, and my friends are in halter tops. I'm hoping we'll have just as much fun as we did last summer!

I'm growing daffodils for my Horticulture class right now, and it's so nice to have them to brighten up my room, especially when it's so cold and snowy outside! 

There's no way for me to talk about my entire life in this one blog entry!! I hadn't realized there was so much, haha. But I'll keep you posted. On my way to Cultures of Environmentalism–it's a great class. :)

Hope you all are doing well! I remember March being kind of a stressful month in high school, because you're so anxious for spring break. Keep it together y'all, you're nearly done!

Talk to you soon,