Ysaye Barnwell Comes to Wellesley

Ysaye Barnwell of "Sweet Honey in the Rock" Visits Wellesley

Ysaye Barnwell of “Sweet Honey in the Rock” Visits Wellesley

On Wednesday, September 25th at 7pm, Ysaye Barnwell comes to Wellesley as part of the  ongoing Art & Soul series for an event entitled “Building a Vocal Community.”

I first learned about Sweet Honey in the Rock, the pioneering a cappella group Barnwell co-founded, from a Wellesley Choir friend who was awestruck by the opportunity to see the group perform at a Harvard choral festival last year. My friend’s now making music in Northern Ireland, but those of us on campus have the opportunity to see Ysaye Barnwell, listen and make music ourselves.

Here’s a taste of the Sweet Honey in the Rock experience.

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Stranger Blues

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Wanting Memories

Ysaye Barnwell on “Wanting Memories”

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