2014 Student Library Research Award Winners

The Student Library Research Award Evaluation Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 Student Library Research Awards, sponsored by the Friends of the Wellesley College Library (more about the awards). Award recipients demonstrated a thoughtful, methodical, and scholarly approach to research and diverse use of library resources, which contributed to their ability to produce a high quality research project.

Kendrick Smaellie ’14 has won the 300-level award for her ENG 325 paper, “Dressed to the Nines: Queen Elizabeth I and the Power of Her Clothing.” Supporting faculty: Sarah Wall-Randell 

Anita Li ’15 has won the 100/200-level award for her MUS 225 paper, ”Yellow Music: A Transcultural Musical Genre’s Role in Heterogeneous Community Unification.” Supporting faculty: Tamar Barzel

Adjoa Kudoadzi ’16 has won the First Year Award for her AFR 252 paper, “Wife Seclusion in Niger in the 20th century: finding the crossroads between tradition and women’s agency.” Supporting faculty: Donna Patterson

Chelsey Baturin ’14 has won the Independent Study Award for her FREN 350 paper, “La terre, facteur déterminant du pouvoir au Cameroun et le rôle de la Mutuelle d’Epargne et du crédit pour la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat féminin (MUDEF) dans son obtention par la femme.” Supporting faculty: Anjali Prabhu

Haley Ling ’14 received an honorable mention for her HIST 302 paper, ”Crime and Punishment: Legacies of Nuremberg and the War Crimes Trials in Postwar Germany.” Supporting faculty: Nina Tumarkin 

The winning entries can be viewed in the Wellesley College Digital Repository beginning next week.

From: Veronica Brandstrader, x2171
To: Faculty, staff, students
More info: Laura O’Brien, x3497

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