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Greetings from Kazakhstan!

I am very briefly back in Almaty after a successful week at the Paleolithic site of Valikhanova, in South Central Kazakhstan. While I was away, the announcement of my Fall course, Anthro 207x – Introduction to Human Evolution, done in … Continue reading

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Anthropology 207x – Making it easier to ask better questions

In my post yesterday, I pointed out that one of my goals in Anthropology 207x is to disseminate a lot of information about human evolution. In addition to disseminating this information, my plan is to also provide an introduction to … Continue reading

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Anthropology 207x – My goals

One of the first things I want to convey about Anthropology 207x (Introduction to Human Evolution) are my goals in putting together the course. Dissemination My largest goal for this course is make available valuable teaching content related to human … Continue reading

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Announcing Anthropology 207x

Last Fall, Wellesley announced its plan to partner with EdX and produce its first online, MOOC courses. Even prior to that decision, I was curious about the development of MOOCs and online teaching: Between two professors: Pros and Cons of … Continue reading

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Gone Diggin’

I will be out of the country on an initial field foray to Kazakhstan for the next several weeks. A few posts will be showing up during that time, maybe more than a few depending on the degree of internet … Continue reading

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What I am reading today (5/15/13)

Finishing up the semester’s grading and preparing to leave for a little bit of fieldwork, but here is what I am trying to read today: Let’s Abandon Significance Tests – Jim Wood (The Mermaid’s Tale) But now suppose we’ve learned … Continue reading

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Talking about data access at the 2013 AAPAs

This week is the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA), in Knoxville, Tennessee. My visit to this year’s meetings is going to be an abbreviated one, owing to the realities of leaving a 3-week old at … Continue reading

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Good advice

Given the recent chatter about reviving Neandertals, I think this is sage advice:

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“with a morphology similar to present-day humans”

Hominins with morphology similar to present-day humans appear in the fossil record across Eurasia between 40,000 and 50,000 y ago. That is the opening line of an abstract from Fu, et al. (2013) detailing ancient DNA from ~40,000 year old … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of hominid genera

Erin Wayman, blogging for the Smithsonian at Hominid Hunting, has had a series on species of Homo you have probably never heard of. That post got me thinking about the rise and fall in commonly accepted taxa, particularly at the … Continue reading

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