Welcome Back Student Leaders!

On Sunday, Students Leaders returned to campus for Student Leadership Training! Meg and I are thrilled to see so many familiar faces.
Student Leaders arrive a week early to prepare for your arrival and Orientation Week. Here are some of the important people during Orientation Week:

RA- Residential Assistant
APT-Academic Peer Tutor
FYM- First Year Mentor
HP-House President
AMP-Athletic Mentor Program
Slater International Student Leaders
CG-College Government
(as you can tell, Wellesley loves acronyms)

You’ll meet most, if not all, during Orientation. If you need any help, just ask any of these wonderful Student Leaders. They’ll be easy to spot, they’ll all be wearing these blue shirts.

Student Leaders at training

We can’t wait for Monday when all of you arrive. Only 4 more days!
Enjoy your last weekend at home.


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We’re all mad here

mad- adj.-In a frenzied mental or physical state.

Basically the state we are in right now.

But can you blame us for being a little mad? I mean, we only 10 days left before Orientation starts.
In those 10 days, Meg and I have several tasks to complete. But on the positive side, we’ve completed so much in the past few days! I love the sense of satisfaction I get from crossing something off our to do list and I thought I should share that feeling of satisfaction with you.

Here is a taste of our current list. Enjoy.

Things to do:

1. Go Shopping
Check out Meg’s blog post. It was a very entertaining shopping trip.

2. Finalize the Orientation program.
Click here to see the wonderful Orientation program that Meg and I poured our metaphorical sweat and tears onto.

Ruth, Kyra, Meg, and I beaming over the program.

3. Hand out Orientation T-Shirts.
This task is partially completed.

Meg and I modeling our wonderful Orientation T-Shirts.

4. Reply to emails.

Meg hard at work

And the most important:
5. Execute a wonderful Orientation!


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Curiouser and Curiouser: A trip to Costco

While wandering around Wonderland the bewildered Alice often muttered, “curiouser and curiouser.” As Denisse and I wandered around Costco this week, the other customers were equally perplexed.  We filled an entire super-sized shopping cart and large flatbed full of goodies for Student Leadership Training and Orientation. One gentleman at the check out couldn’t contain his curiosity and asked us what all our snacks could possibly be for.

Shopping cart number 1 filled to the brim!

Denisse and I also drew some attention ourselves when we realized that Costco must have gotten the memo about our lantern logo this year…

Costco lighting the way!

We had a blast picking out movie candy, finding great raffle items, and competing to see who could try the most free samples.

Denisse and I pondering our chip options.

It was really great to get out of the office for a few hours, since this week has been insane. With only a mere 3 days until student leaders arrive, and 11 days until all new students arrive, we are trying our hardest to make sure every little detail for Orientation has been successfully planned.  Going on a supplies run made the two of us acutely aware of just how soon Orientation is- a fact that both energized and challenged us. We’ll do our best to keep updating you in these final days. We cannot wait to welcome you!

Love from Wellesleyland,


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Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings…

Hey everyone,

Can you believe we have less than 20 days before Orientation?!! We are working at full speed here in the office to make sure everything runs smoothly. One of the oh so many things we’ve done this week is go to meetings. I think I’ve gone to more meetings this week than I have in an entire year.

As Humanities majors, Meg and I feel at home in Founders, the Humanities building. We love Founders so much we even love the way it smells. But we decided to step out of our comfort zone and visit the Science Center. We met with the Director of the Science Center, Cathy Summa, and Co-Curricular Program Coordinator, Deborah Nickerson, to discuss the use of the Science Center during Orientation Week. We have an exciting event planned there.

Meg and Denisse make new friends in the Science Center

Another very significant meeting we had was with….. President Kim Bottomly! I’m still in awe from having met her in person and shaking her hand. We invited her to a few events so expect to see her during Orientation!

Meg and Denisse with President Kim Bottomly

That’s it for now from Wellesleyland!
Enjoy your last few days of summer!


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Greening Wellesleyland

Hello New Students,

It’s is July 27th and there are 27 days until Orientation begins! Although the incoming class is yellow, it seems that this week Denisse and I have been thinking green.

Denisse channels the White Rabbit as she reminds Meg how soon Orientation is!

With just about three weeks until Move-in day, Denisse and I have finally finished our budget. As German and Peace and Justice majors respectively, we each had a lot of fun dusting off our math skills.

We have also been trying to think about how to make Orientation more sustainable this year. At our committee meeting on Tuesday we had guests from the Wellesley College Sustainbility committee come talk to us about water bottles, composting at our major events, and the Rummage Sale. For more information, visit their website here.

We are really interested in what knowledge First Years have about sustainability and how that changes over the span of your time at Wellesley. Please take this survey to help us collect some information about how well Wellesley addresses sustainability. Completing the survey enters you in a raffle to receive a great prize!

The rummage sale takes place on Monday August 29th and offers a wide variety of home goods and school supplies in great conditions for a fraction of the cost of department stores, so please consider doing your school shopping here first.

We hope you’re trying to be sustainable this summer as well!

Love from Wellesleyland,


Meg getting excited about our options for BPA free water bottles

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Advice from Wellesleyland!

Hello New Students,

We hope you’re continuing to enjoy a restful summer. This office update is chock full of advice.

1. Check out all of the great new information about academics for entering students on the college website.  Dean O’Keefe has been hard at work in trying make the beginning of your academic journey at Wellesley as smooth as possible.

Denisse and Dean O'Keefe smiling about our latest shipment of Course Catalogs for all new students.

2. Watch this video where Denisse shares a small potion of her infinite wisdom.

3. Make sure you are checking your Wellesley email regularly! We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls from incoming students and parents with questions. To check your email, sign into your mywellesley account, click on the “Entering Students” tab, and then click on the “Email and Google Groups” box on the left side of the page.

4.  As you prepare for your arrival, try not to be too stressed! For those of you who take comfort in organizing things (as I do) check out one of my favorite tumblrs.

5. Keep checking back here for updates!

Love from Wellesleyland,


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Updates from Wellesleyland

Hello New Students,

Aside from working on our Deans and Directors video, Denisse and I have been busy drafting the final orientation schedule and preparing our last mailing of the summer. We’ve been meticulously editing every word of our cover letter and every sentence in the orientation schedule.

Me brimming with pride at our first draft.

Denisse attacking our cover letter with wolf-like determination

Yesterday we took a moment off from all the wordsmithing to celebrate Bastille Day at the College Club with some of the lovely ladies of the Deans Office.

From Left To Right (top) Dean Lori Tenser, Dean Susan Cohen, Administrative Assistant Mary Holiday, and Administrator Ruth Samia

With just about five weeks left until Orientation, Denisse and I are getting even more excited for your arrival. Be on the look out for the upcoming mailing, continue to check your MyWellesley page, and please sign up for one of the Optional Orientation Trips.

Love from Wellesleyland,


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Lights, Camera, Action.

Meg and I are currently interviewing Deans and Directors of the College as a side project for Student Leadership Training. So Meg decided to interview me for fun. One of the questions we’re asking is about spirit animals. And I shocked at how many people don’t know their spirit animals! Part of your summer assignment is to come up with your spirit animal if you don’t know yet!

Enjoy the video:


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Optional Orientation Trips

After all of your great feedback we have finalized the options and are excited to present you with your Optional Orientation trips. Please visit the entering students webpage (here) to order your tickets.

We hope you can find something you’re interested in. If not, we’ll be planning some activities on campus as well.

Love from Wellesleyland,


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Begin at the beginning

For those of you who don’t know yet, housing information is now available!
How many of you are contacting your future roommate right now? I remember searching for my roommate on Facebook as soon as I learned her name.
Every experience is different when it comes to room assignments. As someone who has lived in the Quad, had an unofficial sleeping area in my friends’ dorm in Sev., and is currently living in the New Dorms, I know that not all dorms are created the same. But I still love them all equally!

Hanging out in Sev

Eating in McAfee

Baking in Beebe

Have fun meeting your future roomie!


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