Optional Orientation Trips

After all of your great feedback we have finalized the options and are excited to present you with your Optional Orientation trips. Please visit the entering students webpage (here) to order your tickets.

We hope you can find something you’re interested in. If not, we’ll be planning some activities on campus as well.

Love from Wellesleyland,


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2 Responses to Optional Orientation Trips

  1. Tiffany Chan says:

    Hey Denisse and Meg-
    Just found this blog, not sure how many of the other girls have seen it but thanks for making it as well as planning all of our orientation activiest, and I will put it on the facebook page!

    • Denisse Ruiz says:

      Hey Tiffany,
      Thanks for putting it on the FB page! We’re having a great time planning all the events and are excited for your arrival!

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