Advice from Wellesleyland!

Hello New Students,

We hope you’re continuing to enjoy a restful summer. This office update is chock full of advice.

1. Check out all of the great new information about academics for entering students on the college website.  Dean O’Keefe has been hard at work in trying make the beginning of your academic journey at Wellesley as smooth as possible.

Denisse and Dean O'Keefe smiling about our latest shipment of Course Catalogs for all new students.

2. Watch this video where Denisse shares a small potion of her infinite wisdom.

3. Make sure you are checking your Wellesley email regularly! We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls from incoming students and parents with questions. To check your email, sign into your mywellesley account, click on the “Entering Students” tab, and then click on the “Email and Google Groups” box on the left side of the page.

4.  As you prepare for your arrival, try not to be too stressed! For those of you who take comfort in organizing things (as I do) check out one of my favorite tumblrs.

5. Keep checking back here for updates!

Love from Wellesleyland,


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    You can also browse the courses on:

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