Welcome Back Student Leaders!

On Sunday, Students Leaders returned to campus for Student Leadership Training! Meg and I are thrilled to see so many familiar faces.
Student Leaders arrive a week early to prepare for your arrival and Orientation Week. Here are some of the important people during Orientation Week:

RA- Residential Assistant
APT-Academic Peer Tutor
FYM- First Year Mentor
HP-House President
AMP-Athletic Mentor Program
Slater International Student Leaders
CG-College Government
(as you can tell, Wellesley loves acronyms)

You’ll meet most, if not all, during Orientation. If you need any help, just ask any of these wonderful Student Leaders. They’ll be easy to spot, they’ll all be wearing these blue shirts.

Student Leaders at training

We can’t wait for Monday when all of you arrive. Only 4 more days!
Enjoy your last weekend at home.


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