Two Supreme Court Cases–And a Meeting

Wellesley in Washington today heads to the Supreme Court to see two cases, Sackett v. EPA and Kappos v. Hyatt.  Afterwards, a visit with a Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor.

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  1. Charlotte Hayes says:

    I joined the group for their meeting with Justice Sotomayor I got to take the students in 2010 to meet her and she was as remarkable then as today. great questions from students asked based upon the arguments they had observed. Her answers on why Justices ask certain questions was enlightening. Remember Justices come for
    Different experiences too. She was a manhattan ADA, US district and circuit court judge. Most SCT Justices were circuit court. On the women at the top of the career ladder, Her thoughtful answer on who picks who is successful got to the heart of what women experience.

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