…but It’s Far from Over

Wow. My finals are DONE FOR, and so is my freshman year of college.

Scrolling through my old entries, I realize how great this year was…finals were so stressful, I had forgotten how good I've had it this year. I've been in the presence greatness, from Madeline Albright to Pharrell Williams. I've gotten familiar with places that I've grown up seeing in the movies and on TV, like MIT and Yale. Looking at the course offerings and extracurricular opportunities that will be available to me next year, I can tell that things are going to get even better!

Most importantly, I've shared wonderful experiences with beautiful people. When you sleep, eat, take classes with, and party with a group of people, you'd be surprised at how close you can become. I'm really gonna miss my friends this summer!

As for you guys, I hope that you have a freshman year at least as great as mine, (preferably at Wellesley).

Being silly on one of the last nights of the semester