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To:                  Davis Parking Facility Users
From:              Lisa J. Barbin, Chief of Police
Subject:          Parking During Spring Open Campus, April 19 – 21
Date:              April 18, 2017

Please note that during Spring Open Campus (April 19th, 20th, and 21st), prospective students and their families will be directed to park the Davis Parking Facility.

In order to accommodate these special visitors, all faculty and staff who have permits for the Davis Parking Facility will be relocated to the Science Center Meadow, directly across from the Founders Lot, for Wednesday, April 19, Thursday, April 20th, and Friday, April 21st.

There will be an officer assigned to the meadow to assist with parking. After Friday, April 21st, faculty and staff should resume parking in the Davis Parking Facility.

Students who have permits to park in the Davis Parking Facility should continue to park on their assigned levels.

We appreciate your cooperation with our efforts to make Spring Open Campus successful. If you have any specific questions please email me at