Women in the World Summit: from Actresses and CEOs to Genocide Survivors and Disguised Politicians

I thought this article may be of interest to you guys! At the beginning of next month, the third annual Women in the World Summit will be held in NYC and hosted by Newsweek and the Daily Beast.

The tagline introduction says:

“In less than a month, inspiring women leaders and activists from around the globe will descend on New York City to address the most urgent challenges facing women and girls. From brave dissidents who fueled the Arab Spring to outspoken advocates fighting domestic slavery; from CEOs to artists to political influencers, our third annual Women in the World Summit—now expanded to Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater—uses vivid journalistic storytelling to showcase women who are battling the status quo, picking up the pieces in the aftermath of war and shattering glass ceilings.”

What is interesting to me about this event is the diversity of women who will be presenting…and the diversity of talks that will be presented.  There really is something for everyone here. Soap opera producers will discuss how to use the media (and soap operas) to combat sexual violence. Wellesley Alumna Madeleine Albright, ’59 will talk with Angelina Jolie and a former genocide survivor about how civil wars effect women. But one of the most interesting talks that I would like to watch is a woman telling her story about how she dressed up as a man to become involved in politics in Afghanistan.

image from the Newsweek website, some women who will be speaking are pictured

These talks really get at the root of many of the problems with women, culture and society. If you can’t buy tickets to attend you can stream the event through the Daily Beast website.  I know I will be watching the live stream on the website!

P.S. This summit focuses on women telling their stories, which was also a focus of the Women in Public Service Institute.  Do you have a story about your difficulties being a woman? Or if you are a man, do you have any stories of women you know?

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