Fantastic Mr. Fox

…spotted on campus this afternoon. Must be enjoying the end of classes for the semester.

(click image to enlarge)

About Adam Van Arsdale

I am biological anthropologist with a specialization in paleoanthropology. My research focuses on the pattern of evolutionary change in humans over the past two million years, with an emphasis on the early evolution and dispersal of our genus, Homo. My work spans a number of areas including comparative anatomy, genetics and demography.
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2 Responses to Fantastic Mr. Fox

  1. zacharoo says:

    We’re “wild animals with scientific-sounding Latin names that mean something about our DNA.” That was my favorite line in the movie. Which EVERYONE on the plane quickly found out.

  2. Not related to Fantastic Mr. Fox, but wanted to let you know your site is included in an attempt at comprehensive anthropology blog list and through 31 December, can vote for 10 best anthropology blogs.

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