Meeting Madame Secretary

We strode into a beautiful blue room just outside of the Secretary of State’s office. Vases, and gilded tobacco flowers lined the walls, along with books contained in white-paned glass doors. Chairs were perfectly arranged in a slight curve, identical except for a single piece of paper on the central chair reading “Secretary Clinton.”

Meeting Secretary Clinton still feels like a surreal experience from today, an impossibly amazing dream. She walked into the room emanating strength and grace. We were lucky enough for her to answer a couple of our questions, and take a couple of photos that I know we will all treasure.

It’s a unique experience meeting someone you consider a hero. As they walk towards you, you must reconcile the reality of their presence with the abstract notions of them only kept in your head. You begin to log details for future reference, but the little things fly past quickly. What sticks is the dignity of the person, the full force of a woman who has broken barrier after barrier, a person who has done such amazing work for women globally, and a person who began at the same college that we attend.

It still feels simply unreal.

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