Starting Their Stories

Yesterday was a splendid day on campus. Not only was the weather picture perfect, but our newest Wellesley sisters—the red class of 2016—arrived on campus. As part of Orientation, I welcomed the members of this class and their parents to Wellesley during a special program.

The theme for this week’s Orientation is Start Your Story; as our new students learn the ins and outs of campus, I know that they are starting an important chapter in their own stories.

This week’s Orientation wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of many in the Student Life Division, including the Office of the First Year Dean, as well as Student Orientation Coordinators Gissell Castellon ’14 and Grace Roberts ’14 and other student leaders.

I hope the Class of 2016 will enjoy getting to know Wellesley as much as I did when I arrived here five years ago. There is much to learn—our story, our traditions, our faculty, and our alumnae, to name a few.

I know they will soon discover what the rest of us know already—that Wellesley is an amazing place! Welcome, Class of 2016—we are so glad you’re here.