Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings…

Hey everyone,

Can you believe we have less than 20 days before Orientation?!! We are working at full speed here in the office to make sure everything runs smoothly. One of the oh so many things we’ve done this week is go to meetings. I think I’ve gone to more meetings this week than I have in an entire year.

As Humanities majors, Meg and I feel at home in Founders, the Humanities building. We love Founders so much we even love the way it smells. But we decided to step out of our comfort zone and visit the Science Center. We met with the Director of the Science Center, Cathy Summa, and Co-Curricular Program Coordinator, Deborah Nickerson, to discuss the use of the Science Center during Orientation Week. We have an exciting event planned there.

Meg and Denisse make new friends in the Science Center

Another very significant meeting we had was with….. President Kim Bottomly! I’m still in awe from having met her in person and shaking her hand. We invited her to a few events so expect to see her during Orientation!

Meg and Denisse with President Kim Bottomly

That’s it for now from Wellesleyland!
Enjoy your last few days of summer!


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