Updates from Wellesleyland

Hello New Students,

Aside from working on our Deans and Directors video, Denisse and I have been busy drafting the final orientation schedule and preparing our last mailing of the summer. We’ve been meticulously editing every word of our cover letter and every sentence in the orientation schedule.

Me brimming with pride at our first draft.

Denisse attacking our cover letter with wolf-like determination

Yesterday we took a moment off from all the wordsmithing to celebrate Bastille Day at the College Club with some of the lovely ladies of the Deans Office.

From Left To Right (top) Dean Lori Tenser, Dean Susan Cohen, Administrative Assistant Mary Holiday, and Administrator Ruth Samia

With just about five weeks left until Orientation, Denisse and I are getting even more excited for your arrival. Be on the look out for the upcoming mailing, continue to check your MyWellesley page, and please sign up for one of the Optional Orientation Trips.

Love from Wellesleyland,


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