8/31 Semester start, known issues

A few issues to be aware of, in case you encounter them:

  • Randomly, some faculty are having trouble pasting text from Word into a syllabus in Sakai. We’re investigating, but in the meantime, please add your syllabus to the Sakai site’s Resources. If you haven’t had a problem with the syllabus feature — good!
  • If you have an auditor in your class who is a member of your site but having difficulty logging into Sakai, please direct them to the Help Desk for assistance.
  • Finally, as we move to Gmail, one of the great benefits is mobile access across many different platforms. We currently have a slight backlog of requests for help getting everything synced with various devices, partially due to the variety of devices and how people use them, so it can take a bit of back-and-forth consulting. We will get to your request, and it will all work together, rest assured!

In decidedly good news, our classroom issues for the semester start are at an all-time low. If you do experience a problems, call xHELP or email classrooms-at-wellesley-dot-edu.

To: Faculty, students, staff
From, more info: Veronica Brandstrader, LTS, x2171

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