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4/9 5-5:30pm Vault unavailable + downtimes tomorrow morning

In the next 24 hours, the following systems will be affected: Vault will be unavailable from 5-5:30pm tonight (Thurs. 4/9) Datamart, R25 (event scheduling), MyWellesley, and WIDM (our identity management system) will be unavailable from 4:30-5am tomorrow morning (Fri. 4/10) Banner and … Continue reading

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4/14 & 4/15 7-8am ArcGIS and Mathematica may be unavailable

Tues. 4/14 7-8am ArcGIS may be unavailable. Wed. 4/15 7-8am Mathematica may be unavailable. Please save your work before 7am and restart the application after 8am, after the server upgrade, if you have any problems. To: Students, faculty, staff From: … Continue reading

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4/8 Phishing: “Failure to comply” email

Feel free to click the triangle in the upper right of the message and choose Report phishing, or delete it. You can always contact the Help Desk about suspicious messages, or check the upper right corner of the LTS home … Continue reading

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Registration: Use the link on the MyWellesley login page

It looks something like this: You don’t need to log into MyWellesley — instead you will log directly into Banner to register. To: Students From: Veronica Brandstrader, LTS, x2171 More info: Computing Help Desk,, 781-283-7777

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1/28 4:30pm Administrivia apps brief interruption

We are restarting servers at 4:30pm today to deal with a security vulnerability. If you’re logged into any app in Administrivia, including the Admissions notecard, please save what you’re doing, and log out. Sorry for the interruption, but  it’s a … Continue reading

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1/26 8pm Campus phone issue resolved

Calls to on-campus extensions from on-campus phones are being directed correctly. 6:45pm Calls from off-campus are getting through okay, including Campus Police, 781.283.5555, so calls from cell phones are fine. Also, calling x5555 from on-campus phones also works. 6:30pm The … Continue reading

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1/23 2-4pm TMA (Facilities requests) unavailable

TMA (tool used to schedule Facilities service requests) will be unavailable from 2-4pm today for an upgrade.  If you have a service-related issue during this time, call x2767. To: Faculty, staff, students From: Veronica Brandstrader, LTS, x2171 More info: Facilities … Continue reading

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9/19 4:30-8:30am Banner unavailable

A reminder that Banner Self-Service and ERP will unavailable tomorrow morning, Fri 9/19 from 4:30-8:30am. To: Banner users From: Veronica Brandstrader, LTS, x2171 More info: Computing Help Desk,, 781-283-7777 (students), x3333 (faculty-staff)

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9/18 11:45am MyLibrary is available

The problem has been fixed, you can now view/renew checked out materials in MyLibrary 9am Users cannot log in to MyLibrary to view or renew their checked out library materials. We’re  working with the vendor to fix the problem. To: … Continue reading

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9/12 11:15-11:45pm MyWellesley & Banner unavailable

MyWellesley and Banner (Self-Service and ERP) will be briefly unavailable tomorrow night, Fri 9/12 from 11:15-11:45pm in order to apply an important fix to the system. To: MyWellesley and Banners users From: Veronica Brandstrader, LTS, x2171 More info: Maureen Williams, LTS, … Continue reading

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